Betting Line Pointed To
Halladay’s Problems

May 28, 2012 -

Roy Halladay’s meltdown last Sunday and subsequent trip to the disabled list was foreshadowed by the wagering line where the Phillies were an underdog for the first time in nearly two years with their star righthander starting.

Against the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright, the Phillies were +104 underdogs, according to, a sports wagering information and statistics website. Halladay left the game after just two innings with a sore shoulder after giving up four runs on a grand slam home run. Since then, the Phillies has said that the Cy Young Award winner will get some rest to see if his shoulder will mend on its own.

But it was the wagering line that signaled something was wrong with Halladay. The last time the Phillies were outright ‘dogs with Halladay starting was on June 15, 2010 on the road against the Yankees and CC Sabathia, according to

Phillies fans have considered Halladay money since he arrived in Philadelphia but over the last month-and-half, he had been a serious betting liability in Las Vegas. In Halladay’s last eight starts, the standard $100 wager—betting the amount needed on the favorite to win $100 and wagering $100 on the underdog—would have produced a net loss of $976. During that stretch, in the seven games Halladay pitched when the Phillies were favored, a Phillies backer would have had to risk an average of $162 to win $100.

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