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Utley Prop Bet

June 26, 2012 -

Found on Twitter this afternoon:

A picosecond after reading that I thought “sure, that’s a great bet.” Then I realized that it was not the first at-bat in his first game back, but the entire game. Also, terms were not specified.

But supposing it was even money, I was still pretty sure this was a good bet for our Tweep.

Now off to the spreadsheet to check.


Chase Utley Career to June 26, 2012
Stat Number
Plate Appearances: 4,778
Doubles: 258
Triples: 34
Home Runs: 188
XBH: 480
XBH Rate 10%
Non-XBH Rate 90%


Using that as a basis, the chance of going 4 plate appearances without an XBH are (0.9)4 = .655, or 65.5%.

The chance of going 5 plate appearances without an XBH are (0.9)5  = .588 or 58.8%. Still in favor of the “no” on the prop bet.

If Utley somehow gets to the plate 6 times the chance of going without an extra base hit is still 53%. And six plate appearances is not likely, even if Utley were not just making a return from injury.

In case you want to make that prop bet (Will he have 6 PA in the game), you can offer long odds on it. Rollins has only had 6 or more PA in 4 games out of 75 this year. Ian Kinsler has the most games in MLB this year with 6 or more PA, with 8 in 72 games played. Offer 8 to 1 on that and collect some ducats.


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Utley Prop Bet”

  1. Steve Grantz says:

    Utley read this. Got mad. Killed first available pitch.

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