NFL Draft Odds,
LB top Position

April 25, 2012 -

Here are predictions for the order of Thursday’s NFL draft and odds on other draft developments, according to

The likelihood of quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III going 1-2 is unbettable because it’s a for-sure, the oddsmakers say.

Player with best odds to be . . .

#1 pick: Andrew Luck (so certain can’t bet on)
#2 pick: Robert Griffin III (so certain can’t bet on)
#3 pick: Matt Kalil
#4 pick: Trent Richardson
#5 pick: Morris Claiborne
#6 pick: Justin Blackmon
#7 pick: Melvin Ingram
#8 pick: Ryan Tannehill
#9 pick: Fletcher Cox
#10 pick: Riley Reiff

Draft odds . . .

  • 20% chance of FOUR or more QBs taken in the first round.
  • 23% chance Minnesota Vikings will trade #3 pick.
  • 32% chance THREE or more LSU players taken in the first round.
  • 45% chance Mike Adams will be drafted in the first round.
  • 46% chance SIX or more linebackers will be taken in the first round.
  • 50% chance Ryan Tannehill will be the 8th pick in the draft.
  • 62% Brandon Weeden will be drafted #37 or later.
  • 68% chance only ONE running back taken in the first round.
  • 72% chance of FIVE or more Alabama players taken in the first round.

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2 Comments to “NFL Draft Odds,
LB top Position”

  1. Greg says:

    Andrew Luck: Peyton Manning II. Guy is gonna put Indy back on top.

  2. TGRS says:

    Better hope he’s not Ryan Leaf II.

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