Fantasy Sports Goes Daily

June 5, 2012 - Daily Fantasy Sports Columnist Steve Grantz will be provides insights into the emerging and fascinating fantasy sports opportunity called Daily Fantasy Sports.

It’s called fantasy sports, but the money that people are playing for is plenty real. And it’s getting more real every day.

In fact, that’s the point: Money is passing hands among fantasy sports fans as fast as the real games are being played.

Daily fantasy sports is a turbo-charged version of the hobby that verges on obsession for many sports fans.

Typically, fantasy sports fans put up a friendly registration fee at the beginning of a sports season, draft their teams and wait until the end of the fantasy season to distribute a prize pool.

Daily fantasy sports changes all that.

In baseball, for instance, fantasy players can draft a different team every day, put up their fee — from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars – and compete against an opponent chosen at random by a website that oversees the games.  The winner gets the money, minus a fee charged by the website for administering the game. In football, fantasy players compete weekly. As with baseball, fantasy basketball and hockey games can played almost daily.

At, you’ll learn more about Daily Fantasy Sports as columnist Steve Grantz explains the rules of the game and what to consider when drafting your teams so you can maximize your enjoyment.

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Steve Grantz grew up in South Philadelphia, graduated from Central High and went to Penn. Steve works in the software industry to pay for his taste in food and wine, and uses his winnings in weekly poker games to plug up leaks in his sports wagering.

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