Early Odds: Eagles
Favored in 13 Games

June 5, 2012 -

Last year, the Eagles were consistently over-valued by oddsmakers and bettors. That over-valuation and a disappointing performance overall added up to the Eagles going 8-8 against the spread—as well as in the standings. The Birds managed to salvage what had become a train wreck of a season only by beating the line and their opponents outright in their last four games.

So, do you think anyone has learned a lesson about over-valuation and the Eagles? It appears not. In the early odds, the Eagles are favorites in 13 of 15 games where there’s a point spread. There is no line on the Eagles’ final game of the season against the New York Giants on the road.

Here are the lines for the Eagles’ full season, without that final game. Odds are courtesy of RJ Bell at handicapping website www.Pregame.com.

Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl odds: 14 to 1 ($100 wins $1,400)
Tied for 4th best odds (Packers favored at 6 to 1)
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NFC Conference Title odds: 5.5 to 1 ($100 wins $550)
Tied for 2nd best odds (Packers favored at 3 to 1)

NFC East odds: ($140 wins $100)
(Eagles are favored to win their division)

Season Total Wins: 10.5 wins

Eagles are currently favored in 13 games.

Spreads on individual Eagles games:

WEEK No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles -7 at Cleveland Browns

WEEK No. 2 Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles -3.5

WEEK No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles -3 at Arizona Cardinals

WEEK No. 4 New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles -4

WEEK No. 5 Philadelphia Eagles +1 at Pittsburgh Steelers

WEEK No. 6 Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles -4.5


WEEK No. 8 Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles -6.5

WEEK No. 9 Philadelphia Eagles +2.5 at New Orleans Saints

WEEK No. 10 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles -4.5

WEEK No. 11 Philadelphia Eagles -3.5 at Washington Redskins

WEEK No. 12 Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles -7

WEEK No. 13 Philadelphia Eagles -1 at Dallas Cowboys

WEEK No. 14 Philadelphia Eagles –5.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

WEEK No. 15 Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles -7

WEEK No. 16 Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles -9

WEEK No 17 Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants No Line

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Favored in 13 Games”

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