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Paying for Quality

May 29, 2012 -

By Steve Grantz—There are two more expensive players at their position that intrigue me tonight for use on Fan Duel for daily fantasy baseball.

One of them is Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates. ‘Cutch feasts on Homer Bailey of the Reds. Normally when you read that one thinks power, but that is not necessarily the case here. ‘Cutch has managed to get on base just over half the time against Bailey, including 6-of-17 hitting and 6 walks. Those walks can add up, especially if McCutchen decides to run. He has 3 stolen bases against Bailey.

The problem is that once McCutchen gets on, he might just be stranded there. Hitting after McCutchen in the Pirates’ lineup are Alvarez and Walker, a combined 2-for-14 lifetime against Bailey. Should they manage to keep the inning alive, however, good things should happen with Garrett Jones hitting .313 against Bailey.

‘Cutch might be worth the high $4,200 price tag tonight.

The other pricey player is Ricky Romero on the mound for the Blue Jays to face the Orioles. Romero has decent strikeout numbers of 6.75 per 9 innings pitched, with a low home run rate per 9 innings of 0.83, getting most of his balls in play on the ground rather than in the air. But he walks too many. Romero is issuing just over 5 walks per 9 innings. His K/BB ratio is 1.32. That’s how you give up earned runs. League leaders like Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels have K/BB ratios over 5. Even if you go past this year, Romero’s lifetime K/BB ratio is only 1.95.

Only when Romero has faced these Orioles, the numbers are not quite the same. He strikes out more Os than he walks by a wider margin.

Against current Orioles players, his K/BB is 3.25. Much more respectable. The Orioles put up runs, but they also are a league leader in strikeouts. Romero is worth a look tonight.

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Steve Grantz grew up in South Philadelphia, graduated from Central High and went to Penn. Steve works in the software industry to pay for his taste in food and wine, and uses his winnings in weekly poker games to plug up leaks in his sports wagering.

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