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Interleague Matchups

June 8, 2012 -

Interleague play makes for a lot of unfamiliar matchups. For one, St. Louis’ David Freese has not faced Cleveland’s Josh Tomlin before. But he is 6 for 16 in his last four games with 2 doubles. And Tomlin has been giving up hits. Let’s see what happens.

Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen has not hit versus Kansas City’s Luke Hochevar. ‘Cutch is 8 for 24 over the last week. And it seems as if anyone hits facing Hochevar, based on ERA. But looks can be deceptive. Hochevar has a high ERA and he has a WHIP over 1.5. But a lot of that is due to an opponent BABIP of .358, high above his career average of .304. He does not give up home runs, and he is striking out batters at a rate of 7.26 per 9 innings pitched. McCutchen and the rest of the Pirates strike out. A lot. With a salary of only $5,700 on FanDuel, Hochevar might be worth a shot.

The Tigers’ Rick Porcello has not faced the Reds’ Joey Votto in his career. Friday night, the Detroit pitcher, allowing lefties to hit him at a rate of .324, will go into Cincinnati to match up against the former NL MVP, who is slugging .650 against righties this year. I can’t buy a ticket to that game, but I can make sure that I have Votto on my roster for daily fantasy at FanDuel, even for a salary of $4,400.

I will have a ticket for the Orioles hosting the Phillies. No crab fries that I know of at Oriole Park, just genuine crab cakes. And whatever meatballs Philadelphia’s Joe Blanton wants to put over the plate. If only Baltimore’s Nick Markakis weren’t injured. He would be a tempting choice in that game. As it is, not a lot of Orioles have a history with Blanton. The Orioles’ Matt Wieters is better from the right side of the plate. Adam Jones is good against righties, but expensive at $4,200. At the low price of $2,500, outfielder Endy Chavez may be worth a chance. He is hitting under the Mendoza line, but somehow has the leadoff spot for the O’s at the moment and as one of the few Orioles with experience against Blanton, and 2 for 3 at that.

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