Dan Shak Drops
Shoe Suit Against Beth

July 21, 2012 -

Poker player and hedge fund investor Dan Shak, formerly of Bryn Mawr, dropped his suit against ex-wife Beth Shak seeking a portion of the value of her extraordinary show collection.

Dan Shak had contended that Beth’s footware collection was worth as much as $1 million and was seeking 35 percent. However, once the two appeared in Montgomery County Court earlier this week and Beth began testifying about the scores of shoes she had bought and why, Dan Shak—who played in several events in the recent World Series of poker in Las Vegas—called off the whole thing.

In court, Beth Shak, who enjoys playing in charity poker tournaments and once won more than $328,000 in a WSOP event, sickness called her shoe infatuation a “sickness”.

Lather, Beth Shak — who has of a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed on her pelvic bone, according to the New York Post —said that her former husband just wasn’t interested in showing her affection.

“I wanted love and emotional support and affection, but there was nothing. He would say, ‘Stop! Get away from me!’ I tried to keep track of what I was buying, but I lost control,” she reportedly said said outside the Montgomery County courthouse.
“He would always say, ‘I’m busy! Leave me alone! Just go shopping or something!’ And I would give in and just go do it.”

Dan Shak has said he was unaware of the extensive show collection but Beth Shak said her former husband paid the bills for the pricey high heels.

After Dan Shak told his lawyer to withdraw the suit, the judge had this to say, “Well, thanks for wasting everybody’s time.”

Photo: Beth Shak enjoys high heel shoes and poker. Beth Shak Facebook.

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