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Monday Night

July 2, 2012 -

Here’s what daily fantasy players think of the Seattle Mariners offense at home this year: if you want to start Jason Hammel of the Orioles tonight he will cost $7,600 at Fan Duel. Despite losing 2.67 points as a pitcher the last time out, and scoring less than 8 points in two of his last 5 outings, and despite the Orioles giving up runs in buckets to the Indians over the weekend, Hammel is one of the more expensive pitchers on the board. The reason is that Seattle is hitting .197 at home. I’ll repeat that in a whole second paragraph for emphasis.

The Mariners are batting .197 as a team at home.

Hammel might be a nice choice as he has done pretty well this year against AL teams that have not seen him much. But some of the Mariners have from his time with the Rockies through the odd interleague game. Ichiro Suzuki stands as having gone 5 for 7 against him. Ichiro will only cost $3300 at Fan Duel because even he has been bad at home, hitting .233 at Safeco, .302 on the road.

If you want to live dangerously, you might take Reds P Homer Bailey. Even counting the 8 runs that the Dodgers scored against the Mets on Sunday, they have still scored only 23 runs in the last 13 games. Bailey has been mediocre this year, but he is capable of going deep in games. He has recent 9 and 8 inning outings giving up only 1 run. Those are interspersed with games giving up 3, 4, 4 and 6 earned runs.

Another reason that Hammel is one of the more expensive stating pitchers tonight is that there are some bad ones taking the mound. Josh Outman for Colorado has a WHIP of 1.71, and he is taking on the Cardinals tonight. Liam Hendriks has a WHIP of 1.66 and is taking on the Tigers. Freddy Garcia and his 1.45 WHIP faces Tampa. Ubaldo Jimenez has a WHIP of 1.45 and is playing an Angles team that has scored 5 or more runs in 9 of the last 11 games.

I would pick players from those teams and take my chances on one of the late pitchers, most likely Hammel.

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Steve Grantz grew up in South Philadelphia, graduated from Central High and went to Penn. Steve works in the software industry to pay for his taste in food and wine, and uses his winnings in weekly poker games to plug up leaks in his sports wagering.

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