Taj Shuffling Error
Leads to Firings

July 15, 2012 -

Nine people reportedly were fired at the Trump Taj Mahal over a casino incident in which eight decks of cards were put in play at a mini-baccarat table without being shuffled.

According to an article that appeared in the Press of Atlantic City over weekend, the incident occurred Dec. 10 when a dealer thought the deck was pre-shuffled before going into a card shoe, and the mistake went uncorrected for about three hours.  The casino suffered $400,000 in losses, the story said.  The Associated Press also reported on the mini-baccarat problem.

Several dealers, a shift manager and others were dismissed, the newspaper reported.  Interestingly, supervisors consulted surveillance a number of times as the error continued, the article said. State regulators also fined the casino more than $90,000, according to the news report.

Baccarat and its more compact version, mini-baccarat, differs from blackjack in that players make no meaningful decision about the play of the cards.

Two hands are dealt, one for the banker and one for the player.  The gamblers elect which side to bet.  The object is to get a total closest to 9, and the cards are dealt in accordance to set rules.  If a gambler were to know the sequence of the cards that were to appear, that knowledge would be of significant benefit.

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