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February 15, 2012 -

Poker pro Matt Glantz, of Lafayette Hill, joined the chorus of criticism of Full Tilt Poker celebrity players. Glantz is among the Philadelphia area’s most exceptional poker players and with more than $4 million in career tournament earnings, he is arguably the region’s best live tournament player.

Beyond that, Glantz—who can occasionally be found in the Borgata’s new high-roller poker room— is enormously respected in the poker community for an unassuming and professional demeanor. And not surprisingly, he serves on the Epic Poker League’s Standards and Conduct Committee.

Since Glantz is hardly inclined to rant or deliver screeds, when he voices an opinion, it gets noticed.

Recently, Glantz took to task the professional poker players of Full Tilt Poker, a defunct poker website,  for their silence regarding the hundreds of millions of dollars still owed to the web site’s former customers.

Anyone who participated in online poker and even many who play the game exclusively in casinos and home games know that Full Tilt has been at the center of a months-long controversy.  Shuttered by federal prosecutors in April along with other popular poker websites amid allegations of bank fraud, money laundering and other wrong-doing, some of Full Tilt’s high-profile pros have become poker pariahs because the site has failed to reimburse its former customers hundred of millions of dollars many felt should have been secure in online accounts when the government’s April crackdown occurred.

A few months ago, Glantz had appealed for patience on behalf of poker professional Howard Lederer, a Full Tilt principal who especially has been the target of player antipathy.

However, it seems that now it is Glantz who has run out of patience.

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