Philly-area Women
Still in Borgata ME

January 31, 2012 -

A pair of Philly-area women poker players are still in the hunt as the Borgata Winter Poker Open championship event heads into Day 2 on Tuesday.  Bensalem’s Jamie Kerstetter and Northeast Philly’s Amanda Musumeci are among the field of 391 survivors from first-round play that was spread over two days.

On Monday, Kerstetter joined friend Musumeci in the second round of play of the $3,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em championship as the Winter Open winds down.  The championship attracted 734 entrants.

Kerstetter, who just finished fourth and won more than $22,000 in a no-limit hold’em bounty tournament leading up to the championship, bagged a little over 100,000 chips at the end of Day 1B, according to her Twitter messages. On Sunday, Musumeci was sitting on 70,000 as the last woman standing on Day 1A.

A few more women survived Day 1B, including Cherish Andrews with 60,000 chips, who is  from the Chambersburg area in south central Pennsylvania, and Ebony Kenney with 15,000, a poker player and model from South Florida.

The chip leader on Day 1B was Tony Ruberto, from Boston, with 235,475.  That was good for a $5,000 bonus for being a first-day chip leader.  He also holds a small edge over the Day 1A chip leader, Alex Queen, of Bethlehem, Pa., who collected $5,000 on Sunday.

Photo:  Jamie Kerstetter, left, and Amanda Musumeci, right. Courtesy The Borgata and Shurrilla Guerrilla.

The Borgata Winter Open continues through Feb. 3, with the championship having begun Jan. 29. Follow the Borgata poker action as it happens at both and at

Day 1B Big Stacks

  • Tony Ruberto             235,475
  • Andrew Klein             197,900
  • David Elyazyan         160,400
  • Sam Bernstein           136,850
  • Anthony Gregg          135,025
  • Joe Neiman                134,700
  • Freddie Rouhani       134,250
  • Brian England           132,075
  • Manh Nguyen            127,850
  • Paul Spitzberg            126,850
  • Abraham Korotk       125,450
  • James Boyle               122,800
  • Scot Anderson           121,500
  • Scott Blackman         120,000
  • Jacob Ferro                118,825
  • Daniel Rohde            113,000

Day 1B Twitter Stack Counts

  • Chalie Hook             104,000
  • Jamie Kerstetter      102,400
  • John Sorscher           89,000
  • Vinny Pahuja            81,000
  • Chris Tryba                68,525
  • Jacob Bazeley            68,525
  • Jack Schanbach       63,300
  • Cherish Andrews     60,000
  • Kevin Saul                  50,550
  • Larry Gold                  50,000
  • Matt Stout                  49,000
  • Scott Schwalich        30,450
  • Larry Sharp                29,000
  • Gordon Eng               26,875
  • Stealthmunk              23,100
  • Josh Brikis                23,000
  • Jason Young            20,500
  • Matt Berkey              15,000
  • Ebony Kenney         15,000

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