Kerstetter Just Misses
At WSOP Nat’l. Champ.

July 8, 2012 -

Bensalem’s Jamie Kerstetter came disappointingly close to cashing in the National Championship at the World Series of Poker on Saturday.

Kerstetter was eliminated in the mid 20s, and the top 18 finishers cashed with the minimum payout at about $22,000. The tournament, which had 157 entrants played down to the final table and will resume on July 11, with the winner collecting $416,000. Among the final eight players is Northeast Philly’s Amanda Musumeci. Th final table will be televised on ESPN on Aug. 7.

Of little solace to Kerstetter was that she got all her chips in with pocket Kings against a player who had an Ace and an undercard to Kerstetter’s Kings. The Ace hit and Kerstetter’s run in the National Championship was over.

Of some comfort is that she had arranged to swap small percentage shares with fellow players who did make the money bubble, so her hard work in qualifying for the National Championship on the WSOP Circuit paid off a bit. When players swap shares, they are trading pieces of a possible payoff which allows them to hedge their risk.

Kerstetter is expected to play in the Main Event first round on Monday.

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