Eagles in the Chips
With Casino Advertising

April 17, 2012 -

Expect something new during Eagles games this season … commercials for casinos.

Until recently, the NFL had forbidden teams to take casino advertising, but that changed last week when the league said teams could now accept the gambling industry’s money, with some restrictions.

For the Eagles — with 17 casinos within an hour of Lincoln Financial Field — this should be a jackpot.

“This is a good thing for us,” Eagles president Joe Banner was quoted as saying in a Philadelphia Inquirer article. “We are positioned to have a lot of interest.”

According to the Inquirer report, some local casinos are eager to advertise with the Eagles, especially SugarHouse.

“As Philly’s casino, SugarHouse ‘bleeds green,’ so we would welcome the opportunity to work with the Eagles,” SugarHouse general manager Wendy Hamilton said in the Inquirer article.

The new rules mean that casinos may not use team logos in ads, nor can they be team sponsors.

NFL teams cannot sell stadium naming rights to a casino.

Casinos with sports books cannot advertise with NFL teams.

For nearly two decades, teams could accept advertising from horse racing and dig racing and state lotteries. A few years ago, the NFL permitted lotteries to use NFL team logos in contests that linked the team to the lottery.

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