Delaware Park Goes
For Poker Record

July 26, 2012 -

Delaware Park is taking another crack at getting into the Guinness Book of World Records for poker with an Ironman competition on Aug 25.

Delaware Park is going for “longest continuous poker tournament” with its second Ironman Poker Challenge, a no-limit hold’em event offering a $100,000 guarantee.

The Delaware poker room tried to get into the famous record book last August but came up about four hours short of the benchmark 36 hours that the Guinness records required.

The 2011 Ironman lasted 31 hours, 58 minutes and was won by a Hieu Tran, of Essex, Md., who collected $43,761.

This year’s event is scheduled to begin at noon and is structured for patience, meaning a long day and night and day. There are no scheduled breaks although players can leave the table for any period of time. Their blinds will be taken.

Entrants begin with 50K in chips for a buy-in of $600, the first level is 50-100, and the first eight levels are 60 minutes. The levels extend to 90 minutes at level 9 and then to 120 minutes at level 17.

Players receive 25K chips for the $585 buy-in, and another 25K chips for $15 staff bonus. The tournament is limited to 350 seats and alternates will be permitted. Late starters and re-entries are allowed for the first two levels. For more information, click here.

Ironman competitions have been elsewhere, notably at the Commerce Casino in California for the L.A. Poker Classic. The 2012 L.A. Poker Classic Iroman went for 20 hours, 30 minutes.

In 2010, Al Barbieri, formerly of South Philadelphia won the L.A. Classic Ironman in 18 hours, 20 minutes.

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