Dan Band Performs
At Borgata Saturday

August 7, 2012 -

The Dan Band will play the Music Box at Borgata this Saturday, Aug. 11. A music group that pokes fun at pop hits by performing them with the smooth jazz sound of a lounge act, the Dan Band is perhaps best known for their cameo appearances as inappropriate wedding bands in Old School and The Hangover.

The show is 9 p.m., Saturday, at the Music Box venue in the Borgata. Tickets for the Dan Band are $25.

During the final scenes at the actual wedding of the hit comedy “The Hangover”, The Dan Band is seen performing Fifty Cent’s “Candy Shop”, juxtaposing a watered down instrumental rendition of the music while simultaneously exaggerating the innuendo of the lyrics.

That is pretty much the Dan Band experience Рan informed sampling of popular music,  ironic use of lounge act medley format, profanity, fearless performance, and surprisingly good choreography.

See this example from their Bravo special, where they mix Alanis Morisette, Que Sera Sera, and even tip the hat to Soul Makossa and Michael Jackson. 

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