Chloe the ‘Morkie’ Face
Of Showboat’s PetStay

March 4, 2012 -

Showboat has the casino industry’s first spokes-dog, Chloe, a 6-month-old “Morkie.”  If you’re wondering, a Morkie is a mix between a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier.

Chloe, from Sparta, N.J. in Sussex County,  won the honor of being the face of the casino’s PetStay program in a Best of Show contest at the Showboat besting five other finalists on Saturday. Showboat is the only pet-friendly casino-hotel in Atlantic City and the program has proved to be extremely popular, according to pet owners.

The six canine finalists were selected in polling as a result of a social media contest on Facebook where thousands of pet owners posted their dogs’ photos. The six finalists represented four states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia. The runner-up on Saturday was Nathan, a dachshund from Philadelphia.

In the Best of Show, the six finalists were judged in three areas—an agility course, a talent show and a costume portion.

In the costume part of the contest, Chloe was dressed as a ballerina. And in the talent show, she performed a dance on her hind legs, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

For Nathan’s talent, the appropriately named dachshund used his teeth to grab a string attached to a toy slot machine and when Nathan tugged, the slot machine went off.


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