Borgata Announces
8/7/6 Event for Open

August 4, 2012 -

As part of the Borgata Poker Open lineup this September, the Atlantic City poker room will offer a novel format in Event No. 17 scheduled to start Thursday, Sept. 13 and end the next day. The event is called “8/7/6-Max No Limit Hold ‘Em (Re-entry)” and the buy-in is $1,500+$150.

Here is the twist – once the tournament is down to 10 tables of eight players, it will step down to a 6-max tournament. Eliminations will not result in tables breaking to redistribute players. Instead, chairs will simply be removed to bring table population first to a maximum of 7 players at a table, then to a maximum of six players. Once 60 players remain, the tournament will proceed to the end in short-handed format.

The re-buy is available for the first three levels of the tournament. All levels are 60 minutes.

Short-handed play is different from that seen with tables of eight, nine, or ten players. A smaller number of starting hands means weaker hands are more likely to win, and players experience the blind bet positions with increasing frequency. Players typically adapt to this change in circumstances by playing more hands and possibly more aggressively than they would when facing more opponents.

This announcement builds on the Borgata’s willingness to experiment with tournament formats. PhillyGambles was there for the Borgata’s All-In or Fold tournament, and the atmosphere felt more like a craps pit than a poker tournament.

In this case it is unlikely that players will be shouting and carrying-on because of short handed play. But as with other formats that involve a mix of poker variants, such as H.O.R.S.E., this 8/7/6 should reward players that are versed in broader concepts of poker and comfortable adjusting to new circumstances.


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